About Cinzano

Team Cinzano was originally an Italian based European professional bicycle road racing team during the 1970's and early 80's. The name Cinzano, pronounced "Chinzano", is named after the Italian wine and vermouth producer. Cinzano gained cycling notoriety and fame in the critically acclaimed movie Breaking Away. In this movie Team Cinzano was the famous pro team that captured the movie's hero Dave Stoler's heart.

Team Cinzano, as we know it, was formed by a group of elite road racers who wanted to participate in Indiana University's Little 500 bicycle race. Each year Cinzano is considered to be one of the top teams competing in the Little 500.

Little 500

The Little 500 is known as the premier intramural collegiate cycling event in the nation. Steeped in tradition and high on enthusiasm, this race and the surrounding weekend activities have earned the reputation of being the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Little 500 is a 200-lap race on a quarter mile cinder track. Entrants are given one-speed Roadmaster bicycles that have to meet rigid specifications in order to be used. Teams are made up of four riders, which treat the race much like a running relay: when one rider is tired he exchanges the bicycle with a teammate.

The Little 500 is much more than just a bike race. It is the biggest intramural event on campus and also the largest collegiate bike race in the world. Going into its 59th year, the Little 500 also boasts a tradition like few other college events. Over 20,000 people attend the race, with the proceeds used for working student scholarships at Indiana University.

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